Next Day Service Available*

Below are some of the services we offer.


*Clean, degrease, lube and inspect all components.

*Brake and gear adjustments to ensure safety.


*All of the Above

*Drivetrain dip
* Wheel Truing
* Bottom Bracket Adjustment
* Headset Adjustment
* Handlebar re-tape if necessary*
* Hub Adjustment (not re-pack)
* Complete Frame Cleaning and Application of Bike Lust
* Cable Replacement (Not Housing)*
* Any items removed for cleaning (derailleurs, crankset, etc..) can be replaced at no additional installation charge*


* All the Above
* Complete tear down and cleaning of frame
* Cable and Housing Replacement (Price includes Dura-Ace cableset. Campy and XTR are $20 extra. Other brands of cable and housing should cost the retail value minus $40)
* All non-sealed bearings are cleaned and re-packed (sealed bearing can be replaced at no additional labor charge)*
* Any components needing replacement are done at no additional labor*

* Parts not included.

Chain Install

Adjust Derailluer

Derailleur Install

MTB Shifters Install

Road Shifters Install

Align Derailleur Hanger

Cassette Install

Bottom Bracket Install

Tap Pedal Threads

Drivetrain Clean

Assemble Bike with Gears

Assemble Single Speed

Assemble from Frame and Parts

Disassemble to Frame and Parts

Box Bike for Shipping

Tire/ Tube Install

Wheel True

Adjust Bearings/ Cones

Build Custom Wheel

Tubular Tire Install

Spoke Install

Repack Bearings

Fork Install

Headset Install

Bar Tape Install

Handlebar Install

Aero Bar Install

* if we have the parts in stock we’ll have your bike ready within 24 hours.