Giant Bicycles

Men’s Road BikesnEvery road has its own personality. Some climb the highest peaks, others are your daily commute. Whether youu2019re slicing through wind in an all-out sprint, exploring backcountry roads, or riding to work, thereu2019s Giant On-Road bike to make the most of every ride

Men’s X-Roadn is about adventure. Itu2019s about mixing things up on roads or dirt, adapting to changing conditions and terrain. From the intensity of cyclocross racing to long solo rides on quiet gravel roads, Giant creates X-Road bikes that know no limits.

Men’s Mountain BikesnWe ride off-road to get away from it all. To climb mountains, to go deeper into the forest. To try and go a little faster and be a little smoother. From confident trail machines to super-fast lightweight race bikes, thereu2019s a Giant Off-Road model to fit your ambitions.

WOMEN ON-ROADnSpeed, power and grace. There are endless roads to follow, and many different ways to enjoy the ride. Whether itu2019s a casual ride with friends or a race to the finish line, make the most of your on-road experience with a Liv bike.

WOMEN X-ROADnTackle your first cyclocross race. Explore quiet back roads and get lost in the adventure. X-Road is about expanding your riding world and stepping outside the boundaries.

WOMEN OFF-ROADnWhere the road ends, the fun begins. Off-road riding is all about balance, confidence and power. When you perfect that combination, the trail becomes your playground.



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