Free Bicycle Safety Check

Bring your bike and helmet by CrankWorks Cycles in Nyack, NY and we’ll perform a free safety inspection on your bike. We’ll also check your helmet fits properly. Below is what we’ll check during a safety inspection.

Do the wheels spin properly?
Are wheels centered and secure in frame?
Is the wheel rim round when spinned?
Do the wheels run properly, without wobbling?
Any bulges. cuts. worn or bald spots?
Are the tires firm?
Is the tread good?
Are they working and secure?
Cables and casings in good shape? Do the brakes stop the bike quickly and smoothly?
Are the spokes right and in place? Are the spokes unbroken? (If the spokes are tight, they will make a high pitched noise when plucked.)
Is the chain in good condition? Has the chain been lubricated? Is the chain clean?
Does the chain fit snugly and have the proper tension?
(It should fit snugly, with no more than 2 inch slack. If links are rusted or frozen, the chain should be replaced.)
Are the pedals secure?
Do pedals turn easily without moving from side to side?
Is the seat adjusted?
Is the seat secure?
Is the seat parallel to the ground?
Are they straight and secure?
Is the frame clean?
Is the frame strong enough for rider?
Are nuts, bolts and fasteners tight?
Is paint smooth and free of wrinkles?
(Wrinkled paint may indicate frame weakness or damage.)